Webinar series

RecoverySpace is introducing a new webinar series. Webinars will be livestreamed on YouTube and you can attend anonymously.


Webinars cost R120 per session, and credit card payment are accepted.

Webinar schedule

2020/08/20 – concludedDo I have an eating disorder? What do I do next?
An overview of eating disorders, the warning signs, and what to do if you think you have one – including tips on how to tell someone, and how to find help. More info…

Eating disorder recovery
This webinar looks at what it means to recover from eating disorders, and what you can expect along the way. More info…
Not yet allocatedBoost your body image
Many people who struggle with eating disorders feel uncomfortable with their body, so this webinar looks at what influences your body image and provides tips on how to improve it. More info…
Not yet allocatedWhy diets don’t work – and what you can do instead
Specifically for over-eaters and those struggling with obesity, this webinar unpacks why numerous diets etc. don’t work , as well as looking at simple ways to move towards a healthier body. More info…

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