Webinar on Eating Disorder Recovery

Understanding Eating Disorder Recovery

Presenter: Althea Sherry. Althea is a registered counselling psychologist who works with eating disorders in private practice. She has been part of the Recovery Space team since 2006.

Cost: R95

Length: 30-35 minutes

Recorded: 2022

Eating Disorder Recovery: What will be covered?

During this webinar, Psychologist Althea Sherry will guide you through the process of recovery from an eating disorder. You will find out more about whether recovery is possible, what it means, and what it takes to get there.

This topic is suitable for people struggling with any type of eating disorder, from restrictive to over-eating and anything in between. It also may be interesting for loved ones and family of someone who has an eating disorder.

This webinar is for informational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for, or equivalent to, receiving treatment.

Confidentiality: Your information will not be shared with anyone

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