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RecoverySpace.org focuses on promoting recovery from eating disorders. The site provides information on various eating disorders, as well as treatment options and recovery tools & tips. Our services aim to support you in your recovery, and currently include coaching (via e-mail and online sessions), as well as regular webinars.

New Webinar – Resisting Binge Eating

Do you struggle with binge-eating? Our self-help webinar on Resisting Binge Eating provides you with information on a self-help technique to help you resist impulsive binges.

Date: This webinar has screened, but you can still watch an archived copy of it.

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The current Coronavirus epidemic is undoubtedly stressful for people around the world. How are you feeling?

Are you finding that Covid-19 is affecting your eating disorder?

Feeling worried or overwhelmed about COVID-19? Try a grounding exercise to help you feel more connected and in the present moment.

Click here for more info & instructions on the grounding exercise.


RecoverySpace was first established in 2004 to help promote recovery from eating disorders, with a focus on South African treatment options. In 2020, RecoverySpace will be adding services and referrals, to help you get the most out of your recovery journey.

RecoverySpace has been created with a psychologist’s input, as well as the input of those who are in recovery from an eating disorder, and those who have fully recovered.

Main photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash