Getting Help

Getting help for an eating disorder can be anxiety-provoking, so the Recovery Space team can help you to navigate this process.

Do I need help?

Many people with an eating disorder feel that they aren’t “sick enough” to get help. However, help is beneficial for anyone with an eating problem – no matter how mild or severe. If you are struggling with your eating and weight, or just feel that you’d like to move your life forward, then getting help is a priority.

What types of help are available?

Fortunately, the types of help for eating disorders are increasing and becoming more effective. Working with a psychologist who is experienced in eating disorders is key, and you could also look at seeing a specialised dietitian, attending groups to learn new skills, seeing a psychiatrist for medication or attending an in-patient treatment centre. There are also support groups and other options available.

How do I find help?

RecoverySpace offers a referral service, where we work with you to find the best practitioner/s to meet your needs.